Laser Panel Fencing & Gates


"Laser cutting" is a generic term we use today to describe a gate or panel that has been cut in a decorative way. Whilst laser cutting is a specific process there are a number of variations of laser itself as well as plasma and water jet cutting.


Water jet cutting uses a stream of very high-pressure water (40,000 psi and higher) and abrasive particles called garnet to machine a large array of materials, including heat-sensitive, delicate or very hard substances. The resulting cut is both clean and accurate to a tolerance of 0.025mm. Unlike Laser or Plasma, the cold stream does not create hardened edges. Minor burr removal is generally the only post cutting clean up required. Many materials cut well using the water jet, among these are all metals and alloys, plastic, rubber, stone, ceramics and glass. Controlled head run rate, allows for cutting items up to 200mm thick. Vertical run out is almost non existent at optimum speed



Most of what we cut with waterjet is aluminium or steel and the choice is really personal preference with consideration given to weight, environmental factors and of course desired look. Other finishes available are stainless steel and "Corten" which is a weathered or "rust look" form of steel.


There are two limitations to size with any form of laser cutting. The first is available sheet size and the second is the machine bed size. Rarely is this an issue however as multiple panels tend to be used for overall stability in any case. Take a look at the photo above and you may notice that each sliding panel has six separate sections so to do this project eighteen panels were cut.


How far can your imagination go? If you can draw it we can cut it. There are some practicalities that come into play however and you are best to discuss your ideas with one of our consultants for guidance. One of the most difficult concepts to get your head around whilst designing is whether you are using the cut out section or losing the cut out section. Sounds simple but it does take a bit of getting used to. If you don't want to go to the trouble or expense of your own design you can choose from the many standard designs available.
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