Multi-purpose position detection set, consisting out of a magnet and magnetic switch. This set can be easily connected to any electrical system like your access control or burglary system. The distance between the magnets can be easily changed by means of an adjustable magnet and included filler plates. The integrated LED lights up when your gate finds itself in the required position. This will also allow you to configure your installation easily.

Can be fitted on any gate situation
Possibility to activate LED light when the sensor detects the magnet (requires 12 V DC at the gate)
Operates with Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C) contacts Required distance between the gate and the post is minimum 10 mm and maximum 50 mm
Easy adjustment of distance between sensor and magnet by means of filling plates (fillers) and screw-able magnet

GATESWITCH - $102.00
Photo electric safety beam suitable to 20 metres. Powered by 12 or 24 volts, AC or DC.
BEAMTAU - $102.00
Photo electric safety beam suitable to 12 metres. Transmitter side powered by 12 or 24 volts, AC or DC from your logic control. The receiver side of these beams can be powered by two AA batteries with a life of approximately 15 months before battery change. Beams have optional low battery indicator.
BEAMLM101 - $94.00
Photo electric safety beam suitable to 25 metres. Powered by 12 or 24 volts, AC or DC. If cabling is difficult one side of these beams can be powered by two AA batteries with a life of approximately 15 months before battery change. Beams have low battery indicator.
No need to run the wire all over the gate to another side, simply connect this beam to the gate opener and put the reflector on the other side. So simple! When it comes to keeping your automated gate safe Lockmaster Infrared sensor is the way to go. One or two carefully placed sensors can keep your automatic gate opener from closing accidentally on a vehicle or more importantly on a person. This sensor is reliable and you don't need to worry about changing batteries. With a 12 metre range, this sensor can be used on virtually any residential or commercial driveway. Product features: Protects by sensing for person or vehicle in danger zones. It is very easy to install and use with reliable performance. Power and alignment LED indicators. Normally open and normally closed volt free relay contacts. Power supply: 12 to 24V AC or DC. Protection IP66.

- Create an invisible security barrier for driveways, gates or garages
- SPDT normally closed and normally open relay outputs
- Adjustable sensing distance
- Compatible with most gate opener models and brands

BEAMLM104B - $137.00
Loop Detector
The Ultra II D-TEK Plug In Style Vehicle Loop Detector delivers the features and benefits found in the EMX ULTRA D-TEK to all operator controls that require a dry contact relay input. Sensitivity selection is simplified by the ULTRAMETER™, which displays the appropriate sensitivity setting to detect the vehicle positioned on the loop. Ten sensitivity settings enable finer adjustment of the detection level. And the four frequency settings provide greater flexibility in preventing cross talk in multi-loop applications.
The e-Loop technology adapts state of the art magnetometers for detecting the presence of motor vehicles. Compared to traditional wired loop systems this is a far superior product, not being prone to ground movement, long and complex installation times and constant maintenance. This coupled with the radar technology used in our commercial presence mode e-Loops, makes for reliable and safe activations.

Our wireless technology uses state of the art bidirectional communication with high receiver gain and high security 128-bit encryption. This allows reliable communication amongst our devices, and a high security eco-system to keep your gates safe. 

The extremely low power consumption of the e-Loop devices allows them to operate for years in the full operation modes. With easy to access battery compartments, this makes maintenance a breeze on all of our e-Loop products.

The e-Loop is a wireless vehicle detection sensor that uses passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects. The sensor measures the change in the Earth’s natural magnetic field caused by the introduction of a ferromagnetic object. The e-Loop provides the perfect replacement for inductive loop systems. Its unique design allows quick installation by fitting on top of driveway and secured down with 2 x concrete screws, installation can be as quick as 15 minutes.

The commercial e-Loop is a simple bolt in replacement for automatic vehicle detection systems. Simply connect it to your existing gate controller using our in house transceiver, or use one of our gate boards. The e-Loop (Presence Mode) utilizes magnetic sensor and radar detection technology to provide a reliable, safe and cost effective solution to automatic vehicle detection. With a battery life of up to six years and replaceable batteries, not only will you cut down on battery replacements, but no in ground installation is required Four e-Loop can be programmed to a single transceiver allowing effective cover for larger areas.

ELOOPPRESKIT - ELOOPPRESENCE and ETRANS50 transceiver. Presence mode. - $783.00
ELOOPPRES - ELOOP in presence mode - $635.00

Introducing a new concept in wireless vehicle detection by Microtech Designs. The inground e-Loop replaces traditional wired inductive loops, saving time and money while increasing reliability .

• Dual sensing technology
(available on the EL00IG-RAD model only)
• High security 128 bit encryption
• Quick and easy installation
• Recesses into driveway
• 14500 mA battery giving up to 10 years battery life
• Top access for changing battery

Kit Includes
• 1 x e-Loop wireless inground module
• 1 x single channel transceiver
• I x magnet

Installation in 3 simple steps
1.Code in the e-Loop
2. Core bore 89-92mm hole 70mm deep and secure using flexible mastic
3. Calibrate the e-Loop... and you’re ready to operate in less than 30 minutes.
Save many hours of installation time compared to wired loop systems.

ELOOPPRESKIT-IG - In ground ELOOP PRESENCE and ETRANS50 transceiver. Presence mode. - $783.00
ELOOPPRES-IG - In ground ELOOP in presence mode - $635.00
Flashing Light
This 12-24 volt flashing light is designed to connect direct to your gate system logic control and operates as a warning system whilst the gate is moving. This flasher can be controlled by the logic control or has inbuilt flashing control.
FLASHER1224 - $62.00
Flashing Light
This flashing light is designed to connect direct to your gate system logic control and operates as a warning system whilst the gate is moving. This flasher is controlled by the logic control and has no in built flashing control. 240 volt version.
FLASHER240 - $94.00