Reviews seem to be the way of doing business of recent times and it is no wonder given our ability to collect information and publish it now days. The problem with reviews is a lack of any accuracy or verification by so called "professional review sites" together with a lack of understanding of what it takes to present a realistic and balanced review.
A quick example of this is if we said a tennis player had won two of four games we have a balanced view even if it is a ridiculously small sample. If however we said the tennis player had lost two of forty games we have a more realistic sample and a different view of this tennis player. The so called professional review sites however simply tell you the tennis player lost two games. You cannot make any reasonable judgment of the tennis player.
Current Review Status -
Automatic Solutions has been a little slow off the mark collecting the data required to publish customer reviews. We are determined to present our reviews (both good and bad) but require sufficient numbers to make our reviews relevant and balanced. Our customer feedback always has and always will be the most important measure of how well we perform and we look forward to publishing and updating it soon.
Product Review - Review
Sadly we can only give these guys one star. As at March 2018 Product Review had Automatic Solutions scoring nineteen negative reviews over a two year period - not good. What they failed to tell the reader was that that same group of companies served over forty thousand customers in that same period. Now if we wanted to be cheeky we could suggest that that gives us an approval rating of over 99%. That of course would be wrong as we are certain we are not that good. We wonder why Product Review do not verify the information they publish and assuming they feel it is accurate why they use nicknames.
15/05/2019 - Information today from a customer who posted with Product Review only to have it rejected due to insufficient relevant information. He had questioned the validity of some of the reviews and the reason for publishing. He altered his review and was successful in posting only to have it removed two days later. His attempts to get an answer from Product Review went unanswered. A number of questions from this but it proves that Product Review believe that you should only see what they want you to see. Seems we are not clever enough to decide ourselves.
Google Review - Review
We don't mind Google Review in that unlike Product Review they recognise that each branch is a separate identity and they review them as such. Again in most cases the number of reviews makes any real benefit limited and again nothing is verified. Any one of us can write a terrible review about any company at any time and there is no serious verification.